Our company became an independent trader and one of the leading companies in the international commodities market by assuring the quality of the products and services supplied. We are constantly looking for ways to grow on a long-term, as we continue to execute on our essential business strategies.

ANGARA GROUP LTD is a large international trader of metals, coal and grains, as well as fast-growing executor in the areas of international freight forwarding, shipping, customs brokerage and export of cargo by sea. The process of logistics begins way before the actual shipment takes place as it involves discussing and deciding on the delivery schedules suitable to both the buyer and the seller.

Main direction of ANGARA GROUP LTD activities are trade & logistics:

Coal is a global industry, with coal mined commercially in over 50 countries and used in over 70. Coal is readily available from a wide variety of sources in a well-supplied worldwide market.

Coal is traded all over the world and shipped over vast distances by sea to reach markets. We transfer coal to demand centers quickly, safely and easily by ships of different sizes (small sea-river, handysize and panama size vessels). As transportation costs account for a large share of the total delivered price of coal, we are working on cost reduction without quality loss.

Coal markets today are very dynamic: a variety of grades are traded, new price indexes are created for different qualities in different regions and an increasing amount of paper trading takes place.


Around the globe, grains are the most important staple food. The expected growth in consumer demand for whole grain products will invariably inspire more research into developing products that meet consumer expectations.

The type of grains produced around the world depends on various factors, the most important being environmental, cultural, and economic. Wheat, corn and barley are the most cultivated crops in the world.

We connect producers and consumers of grain crops worldwide through wide-developed network of international trading and logistics.


Metals also play a key role in modern production, including high-tech. The level of metal consumption is going to be one of the main economic indicators, as the annual reports of metal shipments show steady growth.

The formation of supply chains to the international market and the conquest of the market share of metal supplied is a joint achievement of exporters and transport companies. We unite both in order to search and supply of metals of various types to meet the expectations of global trading companies, as well as for final customers.

Our network
Through the experience ANGARA GROUP LTD managed to develop an extensive network of partners all over the world.